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A Typical Day in Giecz

7:00 — Breakfast at the field house

8:00–11:30 — Field and Lab Work. On a rotating basis, some students will be assigned to field work and some to lab work each day. Those on lab duty remain at the field house for the day and will spend the day cleaning and processing artifacts and skeletal remains. Those in the field will participate in a variety of excavation-related tasks throughout the day. On days when weather prevents field work, all students will work in the lab.

11:30–12:00 — Lunch break

12:00–15:00 — Continuation of field/lab work as described above.

16:00 — Dinner (the largest meal of the day; always a hot meal)

17:00–19:00 — Osteology class. Class consists of a mix of lectures, active learning exercises, and open osteology lab for independent study utilizing the nicely preserved skeletal collection from Giecz. Instructors are always present for all class activities. There will be no class on Fridays.

19:00 — Supper at the field house

After 19:00 — Free time to write in journal, relax, and enjoy your time with new friends.

* Weekends (Friday after 16:00 through Sunday) are generally free time. Students can travel outside of Giecz, though they must give advance notice to staff members of travel plans. There will be one day-long field trip hosted by the field school; students will be informed of the date of this trip closer to the start of the field school.
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